Red Sparkle Convertible Toddler Squeaky Sandals for Girls

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  • Unique design and affordable style.
  • Adjustable velcro closures on the ankle and over the foot ensure snug fit.
  • Soft, lightweight cushioned footbed helps with support.
  • Durable and easy to clean fabric will last until the next size.
  • Non-skid, flexible rubber soles.
  • Removable squeakers for fun and piece of mind in crowded spaces.
  • Audible encouragement for healthy walking.
  • Imported.

Pickle Footwear CONVERTIBLE style sandals with interchangeable accessory clips and removable squeakers in the in-step of the heel. You and your toddler will enjoy every step! Pickle shoes and the patent pending CONVERTIBLE style allows you to change the look for your toddler to find the perfect match for any outfit. Each pair of Pickles comes with a matching pair of 3-layer flower accessory clips that attach to each sandal through the stitched heart pocket. This allows the sandals to be worn with or without the clips.  You can also purchase extra accessory clips to make your sandals even more versatile.  Each CONVERTIBLE sandal has an adjustable velcro closure around the ankle and over the footbed.  This allows for a snug and secure fit.

 US Size  Age Inches U.K. Size Centimeters
3 Up to 9 mos. 4 1/8 2 10.5
4 1 year 4 1/2 3 11.4
5 1 1/2 years 4 3/4 4 12.1
6 2 years 5 1/8 5 13
7 3 years 5 1/2 6 14
8 3 1/2 years 5 3/4 7 14.6
9 4 years 6 1/8 8 15.3

*All size ranges are for general reference only and to be used as a guide only.

How to Measure a Child’s Foot

1. Draw a straight line on a piece of paper, longer than the child's foot.

2.  Place the paper on a flat surface.  Have the child stand on the line with their heel and longest toe centered on the line.  For a smaller child, hold the paper up to their foot.


3.  Place a mark on the line at the tip of the toe and the back of the heel.

4.  Measure the distance between the marks and use the conversion chart above to find the shoe size.  If one foot is larger than the other (very common), fit to the larger foot.

Since proper fit is so important for healthy foot development, we’ve got some helpful hints for sizing your child’s shoe.

  • It’s a good idea to have your child’s feet measured about every three months to see if his or her shoe size has changed.
  • If the child is between sizes, always order the larger size.
  • All Pickle shoes are made to fit a normal to somewhat wide foot. However, if your child has a narrow foot.  Try a going one size down.
  • Children should not have to “break in” a pair of shoes. The shoes must fit right and feel good from the beginning.  All of our shoes are made of soft, breathable material with flexible non-skid soles.